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Meet The Team



Aaron has been a key member of the Build 24-7 Team since 2011.Working his way through from Apprentice stage to fully qualified Carpenter enables Aaron to work with

Build 24-7’s high standards and workmanship required to achieve desired results. Keen and always reliable, Aaron has an eye for detail and works with the team from

Build 24-7 to guide  all the apprentices through their learning processes. Certainly a great asset and team leader for Build 24-7. 


Apprentice Carpenter

Corey joined Build 24-7 in 2018, working with our team to maintain quality workmanship throughout the building process. Young and enthusiastic, Corey is mentored by our senior carpenters allowing his skills to be of high standard and monitored every step of the way. Corey is an important member of our team who always assists with meeting our deadlines and working hard during the build and listens and takes note of important instructions


Apprentice Carpenter

Brad has been part of our team since 2018 and works well with Build 24-7’s vision and purpose. Keen and driven, has allowed Brad to gain many valuable skills and fits in well while being mentored by our senior carpenters. Brad enjoys working on various projects Build 24-7 are exposed to, from problem solving issues due to building defects to renovations and new building projects. Brad is organised and tidy. 


Senior Plumber-Welder

Daniel is a key Senior -Specialist who works well with Build 24-7 to ensure Plumbing, Leak Detection and Steel Welding is of high-quality.

Over the years we have achieved many great results and worked well with our clients to design structural steel projects and also problem shoot issues that a client may have. This allows a cost savings and full satisfaction to our client.


Customer Care-Design

Marianna will work with clients during the design stage and follow through during construction stage, with any queries during the project. Assisting with third party suppliers who hold a selection of quality products. Considering  all budgets, color schemes and deadlines, making the decision of choosing materials and products easier. Marianna's close liaison with our clients will ensure their vision and individual styling is achieved. 


Interior Specialist-Designer

Preet has worked with a number of key design studios across Melbourne which has helped her gain a great eye for style & detail. Preet understands our client’s anguish when it’s time for finishing key rooms. Designing and choosing colours, working with room size, budget and understanding what our client vision will help Preet create a look and feel that is perfect for your room or area.


Director- Senior Builder

Shane has worked in his father's building business since he was 16 and gained valuable skills and knowledge allowing him to become a Master Builder who is much of a perfectionist and all-rounder, highly skilled and renowned for his quality.
Being passionate and creative allows Shane to work across many aspects of building. No job is too big or too small. Working with clients to bring their vision into reality, exceeding expectation and overcoming limitations is his goal.


Senior Carpenter

With over 50 years of experience under his belt, David has been a key role model for our Build 24-7 team to look up to. Demanding high quality workmanship at all levels and at the same time maintaining trust and reliability during our builds has allowed our reputation to be word of mouth throughout the years.  
“All our clients usually refer us to friends and family, which is an honour to us”.“We have built a strong reputation which is hard to achieve in this day and age”.


Senior Design Draftsman

Frank has worked with us on various projects through the years. Allowing our clients to share their

vision and ideas.

Frank can provide building designer services to meet clients requirements and ensure application meets various planning, building permit & local council requirements.

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