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New Buildings: Domestic

Build 24/7 is well known for top-quality domestic builds. From start to finish, Build 24/7 guide you through the entire process, ensuring that you are fully informed at every step of the way. We collaborate with our clients right from the outset, from the concept and layout options through to the final landscaping and interior design options. Our experts are always at hand with advice. Build 24/7 is happy to discuss your requirements for your residential build, taking into consideration both your budget and desired outcome.

  • Domestic Residential Builds

  • Concept and Layout Design

  • Landscaping

  • Interior Design

  • Budget Planning and Consideration

New Buildings: Domestic
New Buildings: Commercial

Build 24/7's Master Builders of Commercial Construction have over 35 years of experience enabling us to offer innovation, quality, and reliability in all commercial projects that we take on.  Our continuous monitoring and liaison with structural engineers, designers as well as our team of highly-skilled individuals provides a seamless flow from start to finish. We surpass our clients' expectations time and time again.

  • 35 years’ experience

  • Innovation, Quality, and Reliability for your Commercial Project

  • Monitoring and Liaison with structural engineers and designers

New Buildings: Commercial

Looking to extend? Build 24-7 has the experience and expertise to create your vision from concept to completion. We understand space.  Incorporating functionality, innovation and design, we are leaders in the field. We create custom-built extensions and residential development extensions to transform your property or home, elevating your investment and giving your lifestyle a boost.

  • Residential Extensions

  • Custom-Built Extensions

  • Transform Properties

  • Lifestyle Boost

Dual Occupancy/Duplex Design/ Multi Unit Development

Build 24/7 helps to maximize your property investments, unlocking and therefore maximizing your wealth with a dual occupancy development. With your Multi-Unit Development project, we will review all of your options and provide you ideas and possible solutions to maximize your potential.  Our senior advisor guides you through the whole process making it as smooth and successful as possible.

•    Dual Occupancy and Multi-Unit Development
•    Maximize potential wealth 
•    Smooth, successful process

Dual Occupancy

Renovating and remodeling your home is a specialty of ours.  Whatever your renovation and remodeling needs, we can discuss everything without to assist you in achieving your desired outcome. Our team of experts will measure and assess your spaces to find the most cost-effective, practical yet innovative solution for your home renovation project.

•    Experienced renovators
•    Measuring and assessing spaces 
•    Cost-effective, practical and innovative renovation solutions


Property subdivisions and town planning in Melbourne can be frustrating and draining. At Build 24/7, we can help to take away the burden of subdividing and developing your land. With our guidance along the way, we will look at all possible options and timelines to meet your needs whilst working within the necessary framework and regulations.

•    Property Subdivisions
•    Town planning 
•    Land development
•    Compliant procedures and outcomes

Custom Design and Construction

Our custom design and construction team will start working with your initial design brief, outlining different layout conceptions and construction options. Right from your project's inception, we work with you at every step of the way, making sure our processes are efficient and high-quality thus ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. Our highly experienced team of designer and construction workers are motivated to guide our clients along a stress-free journey, proving insight, knowledge, and experience to accommodate your vision.

•    Design brief through to Project Completion
•    Efficient and High-Quality Process
•    Stress-Free Client Journey

Custom Design and Construction
Office Fit-Outs

Build 24/7 offers customized solutions with high-quality workmanship and competitive pricing to suit all of your office fit-out needs. We provide a full design and construction service which can incorporate existing facilities or create new ones, no matter the size. Blending functionality and space with design, we create the working environment that you desire.

•    High-quality workmanship
•    Full construction or Incorporating existing facilities
•    Functionality, space, and design

Office Fit-Outs

The heart of the home is the kitchen. The kitchen is a focal point for many, where friends and family gather to spend quality time together. It’s a busy, bustling room with lots going on, lots of movement and use and therefore lots of wear and tear.  
Build 24/7 prides itself on its quality cabinetry.  We offer customization and work with great attention to detail to provide our clients with their desired vision in what makes their kitchen perfect for them. We create beautiful kitchens right from the design stages through to the end result. With our vast experience, we have seen trends and different technologies come and go meaning that, whatever you desire from the heart of your home, we can reflect into your kitchen space. We incorporate colors and textures as well as practical layouts to ensure that your kitchen suits your lifestyle.

•    Kitchen Design and Building
•    Quality Cabinetry 
•    Customization
•    Trends and Technologies
•    Suiting your lifestyle


The bathroom is arguably the most important functional room in any home. It is therefore important to have the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Whether you want to upgrade your existing bathroom or have a full re-model, Build 24/7 works with you to ensure that your new bathroom fits in well with your style as well as being hard-wearing to last for years to come. Our planning and construction are highly regarded, and our high-quality craftsmanship ensures that you won’t need to worry about this important room in your home.

•    Balancing Aesthetic with Functionality
•    Upgrades and full remodel
•    Highly-regarded planning and construction
•    Quality craftsmanship

Decking and Pergolas

Pergolas are a great way to extend your space into your outdoor area, using the floor space to your advantage so that you are able to enjoy your garden and entertain too. Our team can design and construct you through the whole process of creating your pergola and decking space, adding a new outdoor area to enhance your property and your lifestyle. Whether you opt for timber or new composite materials, decking and pergolas increase your garden’s aesthetic appeal instantly and add value to your home.

•    Decking
•    Pergola
•    Timber or Composite Materials
•    From design to construction

Decking and Pergolas

Looking for a spectacular edition to your outdoor space? Build 24/7 are equipped to offer you superior pools right from the design through to the construction. We build custom-built concrete pools that are made by our own senior design using superior materials including fade-free precision molds that are both quality assured and offer anti-microbial protection.

•    Superior Pools
•    Custom-Built Concrete Pools
•    Fade-Free Precision Molds
•    Quality-Assured
•    Anti-Microbial Protection


Your garden and outdoor space, when designed well, is effectively like adding an additional room to your home. Let us enhance your outdoor living area or commercial property space to capture your lifestyle and branding. Our designers and construction team work closely together to create an outdoor space that not only looks great and meets your requirements but also supports the local environment too.


  • Designer-Construction team collaboration

  • Enhance Outdoor Spaces

  • Supporting the Local Environment


Our plumbers are fully certified, professional and experts, assisting you with many services. We troubleshoot your plumbing problems as well as fixing blocked drains, leaking pipes, taps, toilets as well as installations to new homes and commercial fit outs.  We offer fixed

up-front costs with no hidden fees, discussing all the details with our clients and outlining timelines to suit you.

•    Certified plumbing professionals
•    Troubleshoot plumbing professionals 
•    Blocked drains, leaking pipes, taps, toilets 
•    New homes 
•    Commercial fit outs
•    Fixed up-front costs
•    Timelines to suit you


Build 24/7 work with fully-licensed and qualified electrical contractors to perform any electrical and data work in both our residential and commercial projects. We offer maintenance solutions to domestic, commercial and body corporate buildings too. Contact us to discuss your needs and wants and we will work with you in regard to your options and costings.

•    Fully-qualified, fully-licensed electrical contractors
•    All electrical and data work in residential, commercial and corporate buildings.
•    Discuss your requirements with us


Our creative team of tilers are inspirational tiling experts. Working with ceramic, wall, mosaic, marble and decorative tiles, they work with stonemason quality and precision on both domestic and commercial projects. Build 24/7’s high attention to detail ensures our clients the confidence to keep coming back to us year after year, as well as recommending us to others.

•    Creative tiling experts
•    All types of tile
•    Stonemason quality and precision
•    Domestic and Commercial projects
•    Highly recommended service


Build 24/7 provide high-quality maintenance for all your building and property needs. Our specialism lies in beachside maintenance, protecting your property investment from the elements and the harsh realities of coastal living. We also can upgrade your property's existing facets and carry out any maintenance repairs that you require, regardless of their cause. With cost-effective options, we will work with you to achieve your desired result within your budget.

•    Building Maintenance
•    Beachside Maintenance Specialism
•    Upgrade Facets
•    Repairs within your budget

Property Inspections and Reports

Build 24/7 don’t just construct things. We inspect them too! We carry out full property reports and building and land inspections that are needed before you buy a new property. Our reports will inform you of any major building defects and problems such as rising damp, cracks, and other safety hazards. Reports are supplied in a soft copy format and will be discussed with you afterwards to ensure that every aspect is covered and understood in detail.

•    Full inspection reports
•    Pre-purchase inspections on property and land
•    Defect and problem detection
•    Soft Copy reports and analysis

Property Inspections & Reports
Leak Detection

Build 24/7 prides itself on detecting even the smallest leaks. Our senior investigator uses the latest technology and equipment to provide a report to advise of the necessary corrective action to resolve your leak issues. Once this report has been published, our investigators will then provide a full estimated cost breakdown before any work is carried out.

•    Leak Detection
•    The Latest Technology and Equipment
•    Report Published
•    Cost breakdown in advance of work

Leak Detection

Not sure what the problem is? Our senior technical advisory team can assist you in all facets of problem-solving and troubleshooting. Our advisors carry out analysis on failed products or construction defects, identifying problems and troubleshooting solutions on how to fix the issues identified, including their associated costs.

•    Problem Identification
•    Failed Products 
•    Construction Defects
•    Solutions and Cost

Building Reports

Our resident Senior Advisor’s specialty is in building defect reports, identifying structural and non-structural defects and any safety hazards. Poor building workmanship and structural defects are inspected thoroughly by our team. We make recommendations following our report and provide certification of our inspections as well as an estimated cost breakdown for remedial work needed to rectify any identified problems.

•    Safety hazard identification
•    Structural and Non-Structural defects
•    Recommendations for Remedial Works
•    Cost Projection

Building Reports
Insurance Repairs

Our senior insurance advisors will assist clients and provide full and detailed reports of any damage and loss that has occurred with your property. Replacement products or repair works will be identified in our report including an estimation of cost and a timeframe. This will allow you to liaise with your insurance company and begin any remedial work that has been recommended.

•    Detailed damage and loss reports 
•    Outlined remedial works
•    Cost and timeline breakdown

Insurance Repairs
Alucobond Specialist

Innovative and superior facades on your property can be achieved by using Alucobond, a widely used cladding. It provides high resistance to fire and is low-maintenance and durable. Our expert team and qualified to prepare and apply this cladding to straight, contours and groove folding.  Why not discuss your cladding needs further with our senior technical advisor? Our process and product can then be explained in detail, ensuring it meets your needs and requirements.

•    Innovative, superior facades
•    Low-maintenance, durable cladding
•    Fire resistant
•    Straight, contours, groove folding

Alucobond Specialist
Contractors - Hire

Build 24-7 represents what we are all about, nonstop 24/7 Trade Hire: quality tradespeople available at any time to meet your construction needs. Please call us to discuss your requirements and we will advise you on all options available as well as the best options for your needs. Our rates will vary depending on the trades, hours, area and time required for your project. 

•    Quality Tradespeople
•    Hourly Rates (dependent on your requirements and needs)
•    Enquire for Pricing

Contractors for Hire
24/7 Call Out Emergency Service

At Build 24/7, safety is paramount. Safety is our first consideration when we attend any emergency call-out.  We always ask you to give us a clear brief and description of the situation so that we know how best to assist you. Our call-out fees will be a minimum of $250 depending on the travel time to the area. This fee also includes the first 15 minutes after our arrival. Subsequent hours will incur a fee on a

rate-per-hour basis until the job is complete.

  • Safety First

  • $250 call-out fee including the first 15 minutes' work

  • Subsequent hours charged at an hourly rate

24/7 Call out Emergency
Boat Restoration

Want to get back on the water? Our skilled senior tradesmen are very experienced and well-equipped to carry out repairs and maintenance on small vessels including full vessel refits. From scheduled maintenance and repairs to unexpected damage, our team will work with you within your desired budget and timeframe. We will work collaboratively to understand not only your requirements but also budget and time constraints too.

•    Small vessel maintenance and refits
•    Scheduled Repairs
•    Unexpected Damage Repairs 

Boat Restoration

Our Senior In-House Draftsperson interprets your vision and ideas, turning the vision into reality with detailed plans and drafts. This is a cost-effective way of achieving what you desire as we work within your budget with your guidance to achieve your desired outcome.

•    Your vision turned into reality
•    Cost-effective

Customer Care and Design Team

Throughout all stages of your project from design, renovation or construction, we have dedicated advisors there to provide you with expert knowledge every step of the way. Our advisors work with our design and construction teams to ensure that they always source quality products and materials as well as working within budget and in your given timeframe. We pride ourselves in not only meeting but also exceeding your expectations, meeting all deadlines and budgets.

•    Support throughout your project
•    Team of advisors to maintain budgets and timeframes
•    Quality materials and craftsmanship

Custom Care & Design Team
Interior Design Consulting

Our design consultant is both creative and passionate, enhancing any space to craft a thoroughly styled and aesthetically pleasing look which will heighten your senses and spark emotions. Working with you to bring your own feelings and ideas to the environment and spaces, our designer will guide you so that you love the end results and what you have helped to create. Feel confident in your choices with our designer's help.

•    Interior Design
•    Styled and Aesthetically Pleasing Look
•    Working with your ideas

Interior Design Consulting
Cleaning Services

Build 24-7 ensure we offer a high quality cleaning services that covers a broad range of services. From rubbish removal and tidy-up to after building renovations that will give you a spotless clean from roof to floor. Call us to discuss your requirements, timelines and budget. 


  • Professional Commercial cleaning

  • Pre-Sell clean

  • Post-Build Renovation cleaning

  • Quality Thorough cleaning

  • Rubbish Removal if required

Cleaning Services
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