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Charman Road, Cheltenham

Restaurant and Dwelling

Overcoming the challenges and constraints of smaller spaces is something that Build 24/7 loves. This busy location in Cheltenham allowed us to work with the business’s culture and vision to freshen up their existing premises and promote the venue to a whole new standard and level. Working closely with our client, we were able to utilize the space to its full potential through the applications of textures and colors throughout to fit with the design brief. 
On the upper floor, we added a dwelling, carrying out a fully constructed fit out of the property. Applying detailed finishes and products, we were able to create a space that integrated lots of unique features that promote the culture of the existing business. As well as creating a build to a high specification, we were also able to improve the access to the building, thus creating a much more accessible space for all the clients to enjoy. All in all, the build is both intelligent and innovative in design and build. Modernizing the dwelling and carrying out extensive renovation works that included the use of Alucobond (aluminum composite panels), gave the deck above a much-needed facelift. Our clients were thrilled with their new venue and dwelling, and we were too. 

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