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Kunyung Road, Mt Eliza

New dwelling

Located by the cliffs of Mount Eliza, Build 24/7 worked with our client to bring their vision into reality. We incorporated the sea and sand dunes into the property’s design with a perfect blend of textures and colors. This was a real challenge that pushed us to the limits of architectural design and beauty, but our client’s vision came through and it was completed to an exceptional standard. 
With seamless layouts, stunning marble floors and walls, this was a dwelling that we finished with our signature-quality workmanship throughout. Our client agrees: we achieved a unique goal. We were able to capture and complement the beauty of the coastline with the property’s layout, flow and design, and this was integrated throughout from the initial design and build through to the finishing touches and textures. What better way to appreciate living by the coast than to fully incorporate the coastline into the design of the property with such a seamless transition from sea and sand. This contemporary dwelling assumes peaceful enjoyment in its stunning surroundings. 

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